The Train On Lifestyle

What does the Train On Lifestyle represent? Train on stands for anyone who has ever been through hardships, pitfalls, or setbacks in their life and continued to strive forward by finding their fortitude in training and their solitude in the gym.  Hence: Train on, through it all.

About the Owner: Emmet Browne
Emmet Browne is an entrepeneur and Personal Trainer from Corona, CA. He spent his early childhood growing up in Michigan and playing a variety of sports including soccer at a very high level. In his late teens and early twenties he competed as a top bodybuilder in his state. After graduating from Western Michigan University with a degree in Interdisciplinary Health Services which gave attention to detail on health science, he decided to start his own training business. Emmet created the idea of the Train On Lifestyle in 2016 after recently losing his mother to cancer and going through one of the hardest years of his life. He dedicates himself diligently and honestly to each of his clients so that they can not only grow stronger physically but also mentally in and out of the gym. His true passion lies in helping others see that they can overcome anything through commiting themselves to a lifestyle of health and fitness which in turn provides mental, physical, and spiritual strength.





Emmet holds a personal training certification from the International Sports Science Association. The ISSA is one of the only internationally recognized personal training license's. It is also a nationally recognized license in the United States. The ISSA is one of the most innovative training license's of the 20th century created by the great Dr. Hatfield or Dr. Squat. The ISSA unlike many other certifications focus's on all aspects of fitness and training including diet and supplementation programming. This is extremely beneficial to clients as all aspects of a program are critical for optimal success.
Emmet holds a Bachelors of Science in Interdisciplinary Health Services from Western Michigan University. Many wonder just what this degree entails. The Interdisciplinary Health Services Degree is an all encompasing degree covering health sciences, health care, and psychological health. Not only does this degree delve deep into anatomy and physiology but also aspects of nutrition in disease prevention  and forming good stress reducing practices. Learning the integral parts of resistance training is very important, but another huge benefit of Emmet's programs is learning good stress reduction habits and forming more functional eating patterns for optimal health. This really sets the program apart from many others as Emmet has been able to help clients achieve their goals at a higher success rate through mental and physical preperation.
2009- NPC Central States, 3rd place teen class
2011- NPC Central States (National Qualifier)- 4th place light heavyweight class
2014-  NPC Michigan State (National Qualifier)- 2nd place Heavyweight class, Nationally Qualified Bodybuilder

Emmet's passion for bodybuilding started soon after he began lifting weights at the age of sixteen. He entrenched himself in the lifestyle learning everything he could about training and nutrition so that he could compete at a high level. This level of dedication and commitment to bodybuilding took Emmet far, but it also gave him very valuable knowledge on training and diet programming. All of his knowledge he has been able to incorporate into his clients lives whether it is for a competitive athlete or housewife of three. Emmet plans to continue competing in 2017-2018.